SCAE set to merge with SCAA


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News from the United Kingdom this week, where the recent SCAE member vote to unify with the SCAA resulting in an overwhelming majority vote to merge with their North America counterparts.

The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) was held on Monday 23rd May 2016, with SCAE President Paul Stack confirming that 51% of all SCAE members had voted on the matter.

The unification is set to take place, with all the legal procedures still to be finalised before the merger can be completed.

“We’re thrilled at the final number which demonstrates a clear intent of our member. The SCAE vote has given us the legal and moral mandate to effect this change and make unification happen,” Stack commented.

““We would urge our friends and colleagues of the SCAA membership to turn out in equal number and to supersede the legal requirement so that together we have the moral and legal mandate to complete the unification process.”

The original expectation of a 10% voter turnout, based on the industry average for trade associations, was fully superseeded. With such a high percentage of SCAE members voting, the significance of what was being proposed has obviously struck a chord.

The close of the SCAE vote brings to an end a long discussion process as David Veal, SCAE Executive Director, comments “Talks on unification between SCAE and SCAA began in August 2013 and over the subsequent years that followed, became more and more detailed as we progressed the discussion to formalising a preliminary agreement earlier this year. I am delighted that such a significant decision was taken with the overwhelming support of our members and we all look forward to the changes ahead.”

Attention will now turn to the SCAA membership as their vote process gets underway in the coming weeks. Once the SCAA vote is complete and validated, a formal announcement will be made as to the conclusion of the unification process.

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