The Nappucino


When it comes to PR stunts in the coffee industry, not much grabs our attention these days.

We are a hardy bunch here at World Coffee Press and despite our relatively youthful complexions; we have seen our fair share of good, bad and indifferent attempts to garner a couple of column inches.

That said, we did enjoy Greggs‘ (successful?) attempt to drum up interest in their range of coffees.

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve missed their little escapade.

Last month, the UK-based bakery chain took over Potters Field Park and handed out some drinks to passers-by.

So far, so very run of the mill.

However, on this bit of greenery next to the River Thames, Greggs erected a bunch of giant sized coffee cups and encouraged Londoners and tourists to take a power nap.

They dubbed the experience the ‘Nappucino’.

It has been a long-held belief that drinking a cup of coffee just before taking a little snooze is the best way to perk up your energy levels. And Greggs wanted to test that theory with the general public.

“A freshly ground cup of coffee helps many of us feel more awake so we wanted to test the science behind the coffee power nap to help the British public feel more alert and productive,” said Malcolm Copland, Greggs’ commercial director.

Copland added that it could be “a matter of a time before we see Nappuccino sleeping pods popping up across the rest of the UK.”

If only Malcolm…

(Please send one our way.)

photo: martin pettitt – creative commons

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