Central Perk – The next big UK franchise?

Central Perk

The theme tune is iconic; the re-runs are never ending and even now, a decade later, we’re glad that Rachel got off the plane. If one television show captured the spirit of the 1990s and the new millenium it was Friends.

Now, some twenty years after the show was first broadcast, one of the programme’s ‘central’ locations is enjoying a new lease of life in the United Kingdom.

After runaway successes in the historic city of Chester and the Hatton Garden area of Liverpool, a third Central Perk café is to open up on Merseyside.

“We are delighted how customers in Liverpool and Chester have embraced [our] brand, so to open our third venture in less than three years is no mean feat in the current economic climate,” said Steven Hesketh, Central Perk’s group director.

“We are confident that Central Perk would prove [to be] popular…so we’re looking forward to introducing new customers to Central Perk, I know they won’t be disappointed,” he added.

Rather unsurprisingly the sites have been extremely popular with fans of the well-loved American sit-com. After a short period their original location had to be expanded in order to accommodate demand.

The group, which is owned by and operates in association with Warner Bros, are looking for further franchise opportunities across the country.

“The appeal of the Friends brand continues to be strong, with customers travelling to specifically experience our unique coffee shops and take home a special piece of official Central Perk memorabilia,” Hesketh explained.

“Seeing the look on people’s faces when they step through the door is priceless; they feel like they’ve just stepped onto the Friends set.”

Alongside exploring potential new locations in Southport and Manchester, Hesketh also claimed that their long-term strategy is to open close to 300 Central Perk coffee shops in the next decade.

By Stuart Sevastos [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Hey hello.. I read this article and out of curiocity, i had a query... Can u please tell me - do the chain owners require to take any legal permission from the friends show producers..?

  2. Thanks Clive.. And one more question- is it only licences in UK,or every country..? And what about specifically India..? Just in case u know it..

  3. I mean, what if i want to open a cafe with this name..?

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