Nestle unveil new Nescafe product line

Nescafe Spoon

The American branch of Nestle is set to launch a new product that they have proclaimed will be a ‘major market innovation’, something that will allow customers to create their own coffee whilst on the go.

“We’re launching a ‘to go’ Nescafe – that you put into water, shake and have RTD coffee,” said Rob Case, Nestle’s president of their US division whilst discussing the product to analysts and investors last week.

“It’s fantastic and will be a major innovation in the market place.”

The rumour doing the usual rounds at the moment is that the product could create a coffee drink in as little as 15 seconds – that’s some pretty expedient brewing right there.

This creation has been likened to Nestea’s current ‘water enhancer’, a product made with real tea leaves, which turns water – not to wine, sadly – into flavoured ‘iced’ teas.

“The appeal of it in our testing, is that we got far more users in at a very attractive margin,” noted Case, evidently encouraged by its commercial potential, and he didn’t stop waxing lyrical about its potential either.

However, there are no concrete plans in situ yet concerning a retail release, so all talk of it reaching shelves in the near future appear to be wide of the mark: A spokeswoman speaking on behalf of Nestle USA told the website Beverage Daily that forthcoming news about its arrival in public hands is a long way off.

During the same conference call it was announced that Nestle would also be launching a new line of single-origin Arabica that is to be sourced from ‘the top two per cent of means’ that reach the market.

“What we’ll end with is a line of coffee under one brand…covering everything from everyday mainstream to everyday premium that extends [Nestle] beyond soluble [bringing] customers new experiences and benefits,” Case said about this impending brand expansion.

Last year Nestle’s US beverage arm recorded sales of $2.04bn.

photo: Frank Müller [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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