Is beer and coffee a good mix?

coffee beer

Many of us will have tried coffee liqueur, perhaps. And the majority of us will have supped on coffee. But there is another form of mixing the caffeine elixir with alcohol that has been in the news recently. Coffee beer. Tickle your fancy?

In the Sacromento news, there have been reports about a coffee India pale ale which is being introduced to the market. According to the Rubicon Brewing Company, which has joined forces with Old Soul Co, for the purposes of this beverage, they have tried mixing beer and coffee before but they have opted for a darker form of beer. However, after a little bit of experimenting, they were pleasantly pleased with the effects of using a paler ale for the purposes of the mixture.

It seems that the punters are enjoying the new drink too. Again, according to reports, after the first month on sale, this coffee-beer has been received well. Apparently, the bitterness of the alcoholic ingredient marries nicely with the roast of the coffee ingredient.
Reports say that there is a sort of sensory ‘trick’ when drinking the new beverage. What you see and smell do not necessarily tally with the expected taste of the drink when you take a sip.

What sort of coffee is used in this recipe? Apparently Ethiopian coffee is used – in particular, one called Belova, which has been described as a rare reserve variety. Sounds interesting no?

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