Is this the end for Amsterdam’s ‘coffee shops’?

BudgetPlaces via Flickr

Amsterdam’s oldest ‘coffee shop’ is set to close amid a shake-up of the industry that is renowned for marijuana tourism.

The Mellow Yellow coffee shop was opened in 1967, and has become of the biggest tourist destinations in the Netherlands largest city, but the coffee shop is being forced to close on January 1.

A scheme backed by the Dutch government has been launched in a bid to prevent youths and young people from taking cannabis, the mayor of Amsterdam is forcing coffee shops that lie within 800 feet of a school to close down by the end of 2016.

Not the only such ‘coffee shop’ to be affected, there are a further 27 that will have to close as a result of this crackdown, with some residents of the city concerned that this will put an end to the ‘coffee shop culture’ that it is renowned for worldwide.

The rest of Holland has adopted the Weed Pass, legislation that prevents non-Dutch nationals from visiting coffee shops, Amsterdam has managed to avoid this policy but the government warned that it may only be a matter of time before they have to enforce this legislation change.

Mayor spokesperson Jasper Karman said: “If we don’t strike a deal we would be forced to enforce the Weed Pass – and then we will have big problems.”

With large portions of the world adopting a more lenient stance to cannabis and the coffee shop culture, with the parts of the United States legalising the activity.

Serving thousands of tourists each week, this could be a huge loss to the coffee industry within the country, at the end of the day they do sell large amounts of coffee as well as cannabis!

The ‘cleaning up’ of Amsterdam continues unabated, we wish the coffee shop owners all the best in their fight to stay open and remain a part of the fabric of the city.

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