UK chains slammed for insane sugar-laden items

Health campaign groups are in uproar at a range of popular UK coffee and cafe chains over their sugar usage in a range of popular menu items.

Analysis by Action on Sugar, found that many of the popular snack items we are consuming at Pret a Manger, Starbucks and more actually contained, in some cases, 72g of sugar. Three times the daily recommended maximum sugar intake for children.

The survey found that Pret a Manger was the worst sugar stuffing offender, with their popular lemon drizzle cake containing a whopping 18 teaspoons of sugar per slice!

Just to put that into perspective, that is more sugar than half a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed sugar doughnuts.

With 15 teaspoons of sugar per slice, Starbucks Christmas carrot cake was the second worst offender found by this in-depth survey, Pret a Manger managed to make it into the top 3 again; with their double berry muffins, containing 10 teaspoons of sugar.

For reference one teaspoon of sugar = 4g.


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Action on Sugar found there was wild variation between the various high street coffee chains, with similar products containing up to half the sugar content in different chains.

The research found that supermarkets were the best option for a healthy slice of cake, but smaller portion sizes did contribute to this lower sugar content.

We’re concerned as coffee veterans at just how much sugar we might have been guzzling down, as this writer is partial to a slice of Red Velvet cake when visiting certain coffee chains.

Of course as part of a healthy diet, a small indulgence every so often is not an issue, but it’s important to see this information if you do frequent these coffee chains quite often.

When combined with a sugary-laden hot drink, the calories really start to add up.

What do you think? Does this information make you think twice about ordering a slice of cake when in your local coffee chain?

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