Coffee health benefits for bowels


Given the popularity of the caffeine elixir, there has been much research into the health effects of drinking coffee recently.

One such research project has been in the news in particular over the past few days.

What is there to talk about?

It seems that there is an advantageous link between the risk of bowel cancer and coffee consumption.

As reported in the Daily Mail, those who were assessed as part of the study and consumed over six cups of coffee, were up to 40% less likely to develop bowel cancer.

Those who drank four cups had a reduced risk of around 15%.

The study assessed almost 490,000 participants of both genders, who were studied from the mid-1990s.

The investigators were looking at aspects such as diet and health, as part of a project at the US National Cancer Institute in Rockville in Maryland.

This is an important finding, as bowel cancer accounts for some 16,000 deaths per year.

One of the reasons that the cancer is so fatal is that medical advice is not sought until the disease has advanced significantly.

Of course, there are caveats.

More research is needed – there may be other side-effects to consuming large quantities of caffeine on a daily basis.

For instance, pregnant women are advised to take precautions.

Nevertheless, the positive effects on those potential sufferers of bowel cancer can be heartened.

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