Coffee in space

coffee in space

It’s not something that we think about much, is it how to drink coffee in space?

However, there has been an interesting little article in Geek recently on that very issue.

It seems that students have been pondering this thought.

After all, if you did happen to find yourself on an unexpected space mission, wouldn’t it be lovely to sip on a cup of coffee out there amongst the stars?

So what sort of things do coffee-in-space preparers need to think about?

First, the coffee needs to have a super-long life, as it has to last a long time in space.

There’s no option of popping off to the local shop to pick up another packet of coffee if you run out.

Also, the coffee needs to be lightweight too.

However, within all these limitations, the astronauts have often complained that they don’t get to customise their coffee the way they have it at home.

And lack of good coffee is not a good thing.

How have the students created coffee which tastes okay, given the restrictions of space travel?

The biggest innovation is that the students have made coffee which can be mixed with creamer and sugar, according to the astronauts’ preference.

This project was enabled by the Texas Space Grant Consortium.

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